Copywriting is the part of the marketing content that’s in charge of the “call for action”, in other words, the sentences that, when well-executed, impel the reader to take a desired action. The action should be defined in advance and usually drives the reader to purchase a product, sign-in / opt-in, leave details, click through to another page for more information, etc.

Copywriting is also the headlines, slogans and teasers in various types of marketing content, such as advertising, landing pages, banners and even website content pages.

Copywriting or content writing?

Actually, it’s impossible to separate copywriting from marketing content writing because they always go together, and they both have to be of high quality in order to do the job. One of the objectives of copywriting is to attract readers to read the content, but if the content isn’t interesting it’s like selling someone polluted air in a fancy bottle.

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