Hebrew Translations

Can every Hebrew speaker provide quality translation and adaptation services? Of course not! So what does it take to be a good Hebrew translator?

  • A good Hebrew translator must be a native Israeli, well immersed in Israeli culture, social trends, current events, etc.
  • A good Hebrew/English translator must be a native-tongue-level English speaker or have an excellent command of English.
  • A good translator must also be a good and creative writer with a excellent knowledge of Hebrew and English  grammar, Hebrew slang, Hebrew phrases, etc.
  • Good translated text must never sound translated. That’s why translation companies refer to the job as “adaptation”. A good translator knows how to adapt text in such a way that the translated text remains faithful to the original text while sounding 100% natural in the target language.

Writer4You provides professional Hebrew/English translations for websites and for marketing and technical material in any field. Michal Eyal provides translation and adaptation services to international translation companies, including:



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