Converting words to sales

Converting words to sales

In order to convert your marketing content into sales you must accomplish several objectives:

  • Firstly, you, or your content, must grab your visitor’s attention and get him to stick around long enough for you to make your sales pitch. Statistics show that over 70% of web visitors leave a website within the first 30 seconds of their visit. Crazy, right? well, it’s a fact. So your content better be top-notch to beat the odds.
  • Your content must address your reader’s needs, quickly and to the point. For that, you must understand the ins and outs of what your prospective customers need and want. So make sure you write about your readers needs more than you write about how great your product is.
  • Then you must use good copywriting to get your visitors to take the action you desire, weather clicking the “buy now” / “order now” button, signing up for your newsletter or leaving their details for you to get back to them.

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